What's a Wallet Series - Hardware Wallet

What's a Wallet Series - Hardware Wallet

In the next instalment of our series exploring wallets, we deep dive into the world of hardware ("cold") wallets. In contrast to software wallets, which we explored last week, hardware wallets provide an arguably more secure way to store your digital assets.

Here's an example to help you "connect the dots":

Imagine a traditional safe in your home, a sturdy metal box that guards your most valuable possessions – cash, jewelry, and important documents. Now, imagine if this safe could hold not just physical items but also digital assets, like cryptocurrency. This is the essence of a hardware wallet – a physical device that acts as a digital safe for your digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

What is a Hardware Wallet?

A hardware wallet usually resembles a device akin to a USB drive, but don't let its familiar appearance fool you. It's an innovative tool designed to securely store, manage, and safeguard your digital currency. Unlike a regular USB drive that just stores data, a hardware wallet contains specialized security features to protect your digital assets from online threats.

How do Hardware Wallets work?

Hardware wallets empower you to be your own bank. Hardware wallets have the same capabilities as any other wallet solution in that they allow you to send, receive and store your digital assets. The distinct feature they hold over a software wallet is that they do not natively connect to the internet which is perceived to provide a more secure experience. Just as you wouldn't leave your house keys lying around, a hardware wallet ensures that the keys to your digital currency are always under your control and not stored on a vulnerable online platform.

Using a hardware wallet is a bit more involved then a software wallet because of security features attached; however, most involve involve at least the following: connecting it to your computer and having to enter a PIN to gain access to your funds. If you suspect your computer of being compromised (i.e. having a virus, spyware, etc...) you will want to avoid connecting your wallet to it to avoid the risk of your funds being stolen.

Why Should You Care?

In the burgeoning world of digital currency, security is paramount. A hardware wallet is an essential tool for anyone looking to seriously invest in or use cryptocurrencies, providing peace of mind that your digital investments are safe from the ever-growing threats in the digital world. Just as you wouldn't leave your physical valuables unprotected, a hardware wallet ensures your digital wealth is always safeguarded.

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